Acrylics | The Print Shop


Design / Print

Display your pictures with the beautiful and modern look of polished acrylic. The glossy surface of our premium quality acrylic prints gives incredible vibrancy and color to your images, while the polished metal standoffs frame and support your image.

Color and Finish

The high gloss surface of our professional grade acrylic will enhance the colors of your image to make them bright and vibrant and making the details look crisp and clear. Your images will look like they’re imbedded in a sheet of glass.


Our professional grade acrylic coupled with our archival materials provides a high level of UV protection for your images. Unlike paper or canvas printing, images printed on acrylic are also impervious to moisture and spills.

Stylish Mounting

Our acrylic prints come with pre-drilled holes in the corners fitted with brushed caps that thread into metal standoffs that support the image securely a short distance from the wall, giving your acrylic image a sleek and modern look.